Pike Furnace, Clarion County, Pennsylvania

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Pike - In Lawsonham, along Wilcat Run in Madison Township. Built in 1844 or 1845 by Lawson, Duff & Orr. Hunter Orr was the owner/manager. It was a cold blast charcoal furnace with 30' high stack and 8' or 8'6" bosh, later converted to hot blast, charcoal and steam. In 1845 and 1847 production was 1700 tons, and in 1856 1500 tons from limestone ore from coal beds near the furnace. According to the Convention of Ironmasters publication (1850), the 1849 production was 830 tons and the maximum up until that time was 1000 tons(cim). Production was suspended in 1858 for a while but resumed. Blown out in 1868-1869, and dismantled in 1887 probably when the railroad was built and covered all but the top of the stack(hcc/s&t/rp). Pike was found to be in poor condition when we visited it in 2004. (P)(V)(rp-1977, rp,ph-2004).
Go south on SR2009, Lawsonham Road, about 3 miles + or - from its junction with PA68 in Rimersburg.. Look for a road on the left Solida Road 41 00.123'N - 79 29.210'W Turn left and then make a quick right onto Crissman Road. Proceed on this road about 0.6 miles or to a utility pole on the right at the first (grey) house on the right. Park here. 41 00.073'N - 79 28.793'W (The owners of this house or the next one on the right or the first house on the left up the hill can direct you to the furnace site.) There are two routes from here (1). Walk from the utility pole across the yard to the edge of the hill and woods and the furnace remains are down the hillside next to the railroad tracks. (2) Drive to the yard east of the second house on the right and look for a lane starting at the south east corner of the yard. You can drive this lane down to the railroad tracks. 41 00.111'N - 79 28.666'W Walk southwest along the tracks (a right curve) When the right curve ends and the tracks straighten out look to the right and the furnace remains are against the hillside no more than 15 feet from the tracks.
GPS Coordinates 41 00.042'N - 79 28.791'W (P)(V)(rp,ph 2004) When the railroad was built the fill covered about of the furnace so that only about six or eight rows of top now show.

Pike Furnace - August 2004-

Pike Furnace - August 2004

Pike Furnace - August 2004

. Pike Furnace - August 2004

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