Pine Furnace, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

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Pine - Is along Pine Creek in Boggs Township. It was built in 1845 by Brown and Mosgrove of Kittanning to make hot blast charcoal iron, for which purpose it served until 1865, at which time it was remodeled for coke. The old stack was 32 feet high with a 10 foot bosh, and powered by steam. The new stack was 40 feet high with a 9'10" bosh and a 4 foot square hearth. It's capacity was 50-60 tons a week. It was blown out in the summer of 1879 because of the shortage of local ore. It operated almost continually during its lifetime. It was the cheapest furnace in the county to operate and was very profitable(s&t). A stone abutment for the charging bench remains but the stack is only a pile of stones and rubble. (P)(V)(rp-2004,dd)
Follow PA28 north from Kittanning for about 5.8 miles to a bridge over Pine Creek. Cross the bridge and make an immediate right at 40 51.512'N - 79 26.820W' on an unmarked road. This road leads to the junction of Cornman Road and Pine Furnace Road where you go right on Pine Furnace Road. Proceed 1.0 miles to a railroad and bridge over Pine Creek. Park before crossing the railroad. The furnace is to the left about 40 feet off the road and 50 feet before the railroad tracks. The stack is a pile of rubble. A large stone abutment for the land end of the charging bridge still stands against the hillside. The valley and creek are filled with slag, both charcoal and coke.
GPS coordinates 40 51.209'N - 79 25.818W' (rp,ph 2004).

Pine Furnace - July 2004

Retaining Wall for Charging Bench - July 2004

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