Richlanmd Furnace, Clarion County, Pennsylvania
aka Katen Furnace, Keating Furnace

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Richland (aka Katen[Keating]) - is a large pile of stones but recongnizable as a furnace. It is on Turkey Run in Richland Township. Built in 1846 by John Keating of Clarion (and Bencel[jac] or J. Vensel[hcc]). A cold blast, charcoal furnace, steam powered with 8' bosh and 30' high. Average production 550 tons in 1854-1856(hcc). Locally called "Katen" a corruption of Keating(s&t). (P)(V)(rp-1978, rp,km-2004).
Follow PA38 north to Eau Claire in Butler County. Turn right on PA58 and follow through Foxburg and St. Petersburg to Alum Rock in Clarion County. Follow road down across the creek at the bottom of a long hill at Alum Rock. At the intersection of PA58 (right) and SR3020 (left), take SR3020 left to bridge over Turkey Run. Park at the far end of the bridge. Walk across the road to the left. The ruins are about 50 feet to the left against the hillside. A high pile of stones, with a millrace evident.
GPS coordinates 41 10.046'N - 79 37.316'W.(rp,ph,km-2004)

Several views of Richland Furnace remains looking generally south - November 2004
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