Sarah Furnace, Clarion County, Pennsylvania

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Sarah - East of the site of Catfish Furnace on SR3006 at the village of Sarah Furnace, on Catfish Run.. Built in 1860 by Samuel F. Plumer after he gave up part ownership in Prospect Furnace(jac). Clarion County Histories show also a Jennings, Morey & Co. associated with Sarah Furnace(hcc). Plumer named the furnace after his wife. Sarah Furnace used coke as fuel and was abandoned about 1867(hcc). Coal and slate operations have eliminated most traces of the furnace, however, large slag piles, a retaining wall, millrace and loose stones are scattered about. (P)(V)(rp-2004).
Follow PA68 east from East Brady (5,3 miles) or to the junction with SR3006 to the left. 41 00.223'N - 79 33.302'W. Follow SR3006 to the bottom of the hill to where the road turns right to follow the Allegheny River. Cross the bridge over Catfish Run and continue through the Village of Sarah Furnace. Per s&t "When you can see the old coal tipple piers on the hillside to the right you are at the site of Sarah Furnace". We visited this site in Oct. 2004 and found no coal tipple piers on the right anywhere along from Sarah Furnace village to quite far beyond. However at a small run in the village we found the bridge abutments were made of furnace stones, and furnace stones were in the small run 41 00.485'N - 79 35.823'W. In the field to the left before the run we found loose furnace stones scattered about, a large stone abutment, perhaps part of the furnace complex, cement squares at ground level that could have been the tipple foundations, plus huge mounds of slag
GPS coordinates 41 00.456'N - 79 35.783'W.(rp-2004)

Stone structure and large slag pile at Sarah Furnace site - Novemer 2004

Loose stones and furnace stones as culvert - Sarah Furnace site - Novemer 2004
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