Shippenville Furnace, Clarion County, Pennsylvania
aka Black's Furnace

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Shippenville (aka Black's) - Near the junction of Deer Creek and Paint Creek in Elk Township. Built in 1831 or 1832 by Richard Shippen and Jacob Black. It was a hot blast furnace 32' high with a 9' bosh, and was managed by Robert Montgomery and David McKim. In 1837 the owners were listed as Shippen, Black & Co. and 50 hands were working(pbd). It produced 1200 tons in 1845 and 1500 tons in 1859. The iron was shipped to Pittsburgh on flat boats from the lower bridge at Clarion(ajd). Abandoned in 1859. It was associated with the only forge in Clarion County located about a mile down Deer Creek(hcc). The ruins are in a densely wooded area and are covered with brush. (P)(V)(he,rp,km-2004).
Go south on PA66 about 0.3 miles from its intersection with US322 east of Shippenville. Turn right onto Pine Terrace Road. After about 1.3 miles bear right down to a game lands parking lot. Park here.
Walk, or 4wd down the road to the old bridge (now gone), then turn left and Walk downstream between the stream and the hill but closer to the hill. After about 200 feet you will see the ruins of the furnace close to the hill.
GPS coordinates 41 14.037'N - 79 27.107'W.(he-rp,km-2004)
These coordinates may need to be reconfirmed , although the directions are correct.

Shippnville Furnace
Novembber 1977

Shippenville Furnace - October 2004

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