Springfield Furnace, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
aka Seth and Hill Furnace

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Springfield (aka Seth and Hill) - Is located at the foot of Springfield Falls on Wolf Creek in Springfield Township. The falls are beautiful and many furnace stones are scattered about. This furnace was built in 1837 or earlier by Seth and Hill. It was managed by a Mr. Sennett for some time. William S. Schollard took over as manager in 1846. The furnace went out of blast in 1862. An unusual feature of Springfield Furnace was its 38' diameter water wheel. This was much larger than most wheels and was possible because of the location of the furnace at the foot of Springfield Falls(s&t). (P)(V)(rp-1977).
Proceed north on US19 through Leesburg to its intersection with Leesburg Road (SR2002-left) and Falls Road (right) at the northern edge of town. Turn right on Falls Road and go about 100 yards to where a hard road bears right. Do not go right but continue straight ahead on Falls Road (T535?). About 150 feet farther along this road crosses Wolf Creek. Springfield Falls is to the left and only a few yards distant. Park and walk down to the top of the falls. Look down over the falls and you will see the outline of a stone structure probably related to the water wheel, partly in the stream and near the left bank. Part of the wheel pit and mill race may be seen. Also large cut stones and slag (1978-2005).
Springfield Furnace is currently being excavated by an archeological team from Youngstown State University. The furnace itself hass been found to be near the falls but away from the creek, buried in a hillside below a jewelry store built by Laarry Bruno the property owner.((js)(mr) Mr. Bruno has plans to restore the entire site, has opened a jewlry shop above the furnace site and creates jewelry from iron furnace slag. He has restored the iron masters house and plans to crearte a furnace museum and art gallery in it.
The GPS coordinates below are not at the furnacer site but are in the general area. An accurate reading would be appreciated. GPS coordinates 41 8.661'N - 80 13.076'W.(km-2005)
We can thank Mike Rubio and Larry Bruno for the photographs of the Springfield Furnace site as shown below.

Springfield Falls

Store & Furnace

Blacksmiths forge

Iron Masters House.

A visit to Larry Bruno's jewelry sitr seen at http://www.colored-stone.com/stories/nov09/larry-bruno-jewelry.cfm.
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