Springhill Furnaces, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

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Springhill - Was actually a series of four furnaces built on the same site along Rubles Run in Springhill Township in 1794, 1805, 1830 and 1854 by Robert and Benjamin Jones. The original furnace was 35' high, had a 9' bosh and produced 2-1/2 tons per day. In 1803 Purchased by the Oliphant's in 1833, (or 1803?) it was blown out in 1870. To the Oliphants and to Springfield Furnace in 1803 belong the credit for making the first coke iron in the United States. Due to the cheapness of charcoal the owners did not continue to use coke until two years later when the furnace was rebuilt. The stone from the furnaces was used in the railroad tunnel at Outcrop A limestone crushing Plant now exists on the old furnace site. Slag is evident round about. The large stone house on the hill to the north of the creek was the iron masters house and was in use in the 1960's (s&t). In 2005 the road to the house was overgrown and we assume the mansion is no longer in use(rp).(P)(V)(rp-2005).
Follow PA857 directly south from Fairchance approximately 6.5 miles to Springhill. SR3002 comes in from the left and just beyond look for the Springhill Furnace Presbyterian Church on the right. Just beyond is Rubles Run. Cross the bridge and turn left to the gated area before the limestone crushing plant property and a sign "Lake Lynn Laboratory" and "Laurel Run Aggregates".(39 43.885'N - 79 48.254'W). Walk about 0.16 miles to the crushing plant. The furnaces were on the location of the plant, next to the hill. There is slag in the creek between the plant and the highway.
GPS coordinates 39 43.874'N - 79 48.070'W

Springhill Furnace site - October 2005
Site was under Limestone Crushing Plant

Church across street from entrance Road to Limestone Crushing Plant and Springhill site

Springhill Furnaces Special Sources:
A Guide to the Old Stone Blast Furnaces of Western Pennsylvania, Myron B. Sharp and William H. Thomas (s&t)

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