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The Texas and Pacific Railway Company (T&P) was created by federal charter in 1871 with the purpose of building a southern transcontinental railroad between Marshall, Texas, and San Diego, California.
The T&P had a significant foothold in Texas by the mid 1880s. Construction difficulties delayed westward progress, until American financier Jay Gould acquired an interest in the railroad in 1879. The T&P never reached San Diego. Instead, it met the Southern Pacific at Sierra Blanca, Texas, in 1881.
The Missouri Pacific Railroad, also controlled by Gould, leased the T&P from 1881 to 1885 and continued a cooperative relationship with the T&P after the lease ended. Missouri Pacific gained majority ownership of the Texas and Pacific Railway's stock in 1928 but allowed it to continue operation as a separate entity until they were eventually merged on October 15, 1976.
The Texas & Pacific had some fine Pullman and coach trains in the 30's and 40's. It's premier train was the "Sunshine Special" with service from St. Louis and Memphis via the MoPac to Texas and then on the T&P through Dallas and Fort Worth to El Paso, and on to Los Angeles via the Southern Pacific. Its New Orleans section came via Marshall, Texas as the "Louisiana Limited". By 1950 the T&P had joined the lightweight streamliner crowd with its "Texas Eagle" and "Louisiana Eagle replacing the Sunshine Special and Louisiana Limited. They had also added a through sleeper between El Paso and Chicago, via MP to St. Louis and GM&O to Chicago.(rp)
Short History of the Texas and Pacific Railway
1852- Texas Western Railway chartered.
1856- TW name changed to Southern Pacific (not related to later SP).
1856 - SP leased North Louisiana & Texas line from Shreveport, LA to the Texas state line and ownd a line to Longview, TX so a line existed the 66 miles from Shreveport to Longview.

Texas & Pacific

Texas and Pacific
December 15, 1955

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1871- United States Congress grants a charter to the Texas Pacific Railroad Company to build a southern transcontinenetal railroad from Marshall, TX to San Diego, CA offering land grants to assist the project.
1871 - Texas legislature charters the company and grants permission to purchase the Southern Trans-Continental Railway Company and a Southern Pacific Railroad Company (different from recent SP).
1872- Thomas Scott, president of Pennsylvania Railroad becomes president of TP.
1872- By another act of congress the TP name is changed to Texas and Pacific Railway Company.
1872 - The T&P acquired the SP and the NL&T line from Shreveport to the state line to obtain the 66 mile Shreveport to Longview segment.
1872 - The STCR was acquired by the T&P.
1873 - The Memphis El Paso and Pacific Railroad was acquired by the T&P. Niether the STCR or MEP&P had completed any track work.
1873- 125 miles between Longview and Dallas completed.
1873- 74 miles between Marshall and Texarkana opened.
1873- 56 miles between Sherman and Brookton completed.
1873 - The 56 miles between Sherman and Brookston was also built during this period.
1873 - Work started at San Diego, CA but failed due to panic of 1873 and contractor failure to negotiate sale of bonds.
1876- Dallas to Fort Worth completed, 32 miles.
1876- Line from Brookston to Texarkana opened.
1876-1879- Financing problems hampered continued construction.
1879-1880- J. Gould arranges financing and with Grenville Dodge in charge of construction work began west of Fort Worth in 1880.
1880-1881- Work on Trans-Continental Division continued with 90 miles from Sherman west to Forth Worth completed.
1881- T&P reaches Sierra Blanca, Texas and meets up with the current SP. Agreement with SP allows shared trackage to El Paso and no further westward extension by T&P.
1881- T&P Finances and land grant lawsuits restrained T&P from building further west.
1881-1885- Missouri Pacific leases T&P during this time and works cooperatively with T&P thereafter.
1881-1891- Land grant issues forced T&P to give up western acres and much other land grant property.
1882- Acquisitions of several lines in Louisiana now provided the T&P with lines into New Orleans.
1888- T&P Land Trust formed to sell T&P land after bankruptcy.
1889 - Weatherford Mineral Wells and Northwestern Railroad. chartered to build from Weatherford to Mineral Wells, TX.
1891 - WMW&NW completed, 25 miles.
1895 - The Denison and Pacific Suburban Railway was chartered as a subsidiary of the T&P.
1896 - D&PS completed 7 miles connecting Denison, TX to the T&P transcon at Sherman.
1898- T&P builds own line from Waskom (Texas border) to Shreveport giving up leased NL&T line.
1903 - T&P acquires WMW&NW.
1908 - WMW&NW extended 18 miles from Mineral Wells to Graford.
1920 - D&PS passenger service discontinued.
1925- Lima Locomotive Works delivers 2-10-4 locomotives to the T&P. The type is nicknamed "Texas" as a result.
1927 - The T&P acquired the Cisco and Northeastern, the Abilene and Southern, and the Pecos Valley Southern Railway companies.
1928 - The Texas-New Mexico Railway Company was organized to build from Monahans to Lovington, New Mexico.
1929 - The Texas Short Line Railway Company was purchased.
1928 - MoPac gains majority control of T&P but T&P maintains separate operations.
1928 - The discovery of oil along the Texas and Pacific line in West Texas during the late 1920s and later in East Texas had a major impact on the company. In 1928 crude oil accounted for 22 percent of all freight tonnage. During the years of peak crude oil movement the physical condition of the railroad was significantly improved, and the Texas and Pacific was able to weather the Great Depression better than many of the other railroads in its region.
1932 - The Texas and Pacific acquired a 60 percent interest in the Fort Worth Belt Railway Company. All of the short line subsidiary railroads maintained their separate corporate identities.
1936-41 - The eighteen mile extension of the WMW&NW is abandoned.
1942 - The Cisco and Northeastern was abandoned on March 9.
1946 - The Pecos Valley Southern is sold on November 30.
1962 - The Texas Short Line was abandoned.
1964 - The T&P acquired control of three associated companies based in Oklahoma, the Kansas, Oklahoma and Gulf Railway Company, the Midland Valley Railroad Company, and the Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway Company. (see separate page for these three lines). The Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka was resold to the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company.
1965 - Gaining M-K-T trackage rights from Denison the D&PS is abandoned.
1967 - The Midland Valley is merged with the T&P.
1968 - The Texas and Pacific constructed twenty-nine miles of track from San Martine to Rockhouse.
1969 - T&P acquired 9 miles from Fort Worth to Everman from the MoPac.
1970 - The KO&G was merged with the T&P.
1974 - The T&P continued to control the Abilene and Southern, Fort Worth Belt, Texas-New Mexico, and Weatherford, Mineral Wells and Northwestern.
1976- T&P merged into MoPac.
1997 - MoPac merged into Union Pacific.

T&P Map
Texas and Pacific Timetable Map - 1955

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