Valley Furnace, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
aka Hillsview Furnace

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Valley (aka Hillsview) - Is on a branch off Mill Creek in Ligonier Township. It was built in 1850 by L. C. Hall and Company. It was a very large furnace being 36' square at the base with a 10' bosh. Coke was burned in piles near the furnace and was used instead of charcoal(s&t). The furnace has a large hole or opening in the upper back side, most probably, to vent the excess flame and heat to boilers for steam power, as this furnace was a hot blast coke furnace not near a stream(rp). The furnace stands in plain view about 60 feet from the road and has a few of the upper rows of stones missing but is in otherwise good condition. However, trees and brush, growing out of the upper stack, will probably deteriorate the stack if not removed.(rp). (P)(V)(rp-1978, jm-2003, rp,ph-2004).
Go north from Ligonier on PA711 approximately 5 miles to Hillview. Turn right on SR1009 Owl Hollow Road (Sandy Hill Road per county map) 40 16.715'N - 79 10.385'W. Go 0.2 mile and you will see the furnace to the right in an open field about 40 feet from the road.
GPS Coordinates 40 16.577'N - 79 10.222'W (P)(V)(rrp,ph 2004)
It is in good condition, constructed of uncut stone 36 feet square at the base, with four arches, and a 10 foot diameter bosh. It is one of the largest of the stone furnaces.

Valley Furnace - August 2004
looking southeast

Valley Furnace - August 2004
Looking south

Valley Furnace - August 2004
looking west

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