Van Buren Furnace, Venango County, Pennsylvania

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Van Buren - is along Lower Two Mile Run in Cranberry Township. It was built in 1836(evc) or 1838(s&t) by Thomas Hoge and William and Samuel Cross. In 1873 the owners were listed as Cross and Plumer with 25 hands working(pbd). During its lifetime Van Buren was owned at various times by James Eaton, John W. Howe, Solomon Ulmon, and probably John Lyon. It was sold in a sheriff's sale in 1851 and abandoned shortly thereafter(s&t). Bog ore was principally used in this operation and was dug from the hills along Lower Two Mile Run(evc). Most of the outer wall has fallen down but the inner walls stand tall in very heavy underbrush and trees. It is very difficult to spot from the road although a careful look can find it. (P)(V) (rp-1977-2004, is-2005).
From Franklin proceed about 1.6 miles from the east end of the 8th Street bridge on US322 to the junction of SR3025 (Deep Hollow Road). Follow this road up Lower Two Mile Run approximately 1.5 miles, about forty feet past the start of a guardrail on the right and a 50 mph curve sign for westbound traffic on the left. Look over the side toward the creek and you will see the top of the furnace. (1978 and 2004). This land is now posted, but a sign says walk in fishing is allowed.
GPS coordinates at roadside. 41 22.575'N - 79 46.663'W. (rp-2004). Heavy underbrush prevented us from approaching the furnace in Oct. 2004, however Ian Straffin visited the furnace in May 2005 and confirmed the coordinates.
GPS coordinates at furnace 41 22.558'N - 79 46.663'W. (is-2005)

Van uren Furnace - June 1978

Van Buren Furnace - June 1978

Inner Bosh Van Buren Furnace -cir1998 (dd)

Van Buren Furnace - Chris & Dan Dundon
cir 1998

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