Webster Furnace, Venango County, Pennsylvania

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Webster - is on Bear Run, a branch of Pine Run in Rockland Township. It was built by Week(Wick?) and Dempsey in 1838. When the firm became bankrupt the stock was closed out by Hogue and Huston and the business was discontinued(s&t). This furnace is unique in construction. The bottom twelve rows of cut stone are in a square configuration, but above that the stack is octagonal. It is in good condition with a depression next to the furnace probably the wheel pit. The stack is heavily covered with brush and other vegetation.(P)(V)(rp-1977, is-2004).
At the village of Van on US322 just east of the bridge over East Sandy Creek turn south on Tarklin Hill Road (T582). Proceed 2.0 miles to its junction with Georgeville Hill Road (T381). Turn right and cross a small bridge. Continue 0.3 miles until the road makes a sharp turn to the left and a rough lease road goes straight ahead. Park here 41 17.478'N - 79 39.723'W. Walk the lease road for about miles. At this point the lease road makes a sharp right turn at the bottom of the hill. The furnace is to the right between the road and the hillside. GPS Coordinates 41 17.346'N - 79 40.529'W (is-2004).
Webster Furnace - October 1977
Webster Furnace - October 1977

Webster Furnace
October 1977

Webster Furnace - 2004 (is)

Webster Furnace - 2004 (is)

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