Wellersburd Furnace, Somerset County, Pennsylvania

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Wellersburg - is in Wellersburg in Southampton Township. It was built in 1855 or 1856 by the Union Coal and Iron Company under the management of G. Ross Forward(s&t). When active the furnace produced about 300 tons of iron per month, and the iron company employed about 200 men. It was the primary reason the town of Wellersburg grew, and after its shutdown the town's prosperity diminished(bsf). It was blown out in 1866. A photo in the early 1900's showed a well built furnace with a round arch opening(mm). Much of the outside stone was later removed from the structure leaving only the brick interior. The top of this brickwork was eliminated and a roof put over it. A door was cut into the side. Enough foundations, arches, etc, remain to prove that here was a well built furnace. The wheel on the blast engine had a 15' diameter. Ore was mined about 4 miles away and brought to the furnace on cars, with spool shaped wheels, riding on wooden rails(s&t,mm). (V)(P)(rp-2003)
To find Wellersburg Furnace go south on PA160 to Wellersburg. While descending the hill in Wellersburg turn sharply right on a dirt road that cuts back at a 135 angle just below a white church. There is a sign at this intersection to lead you to "Wellersburg Fireman's Park".
N 39 44.027' W078 51.151' Go down this road about 0.2 miles to the Fireman's Ball Park and park here. The stack is to the right at this point and against the hillside.
GPS Location N 39 44.121' W078 51.305' (rp-2003)
More information about the Wellersburg Iron Furnace can be found on Lannie Dietle's site Wellersburg

Wellersburg Furnace
Early date uinknown

Wellersburg Furnace - 2003

Wellersburg Furnace - 2003

Wellersburg Furnace - 2003
From top of hill

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A Guide to the Old Stone Blast Furnaces of Western Pennsylvania, Myron B. Sharp and William H. Thomas (s&t)

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