Westmoreland Furnace, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

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Westmoreland - Is on Rolling Rock Run in Ligonier Township. Per s&t it was on Furnace Run which was known in 1853 as California Run(s&t). Newer maps indicate Rolling Rock Run(rp). This was the first furnace built in Westmoreland County. Christopher Lobinger and Brothers built it in 1794. In 1795 Geirge Anshutz, who had built and operated the Shadyside Furnace in Pittsburgh, was the manager. John Probst bought the plant in 1798. Stoves and castings were made there. The furnace was blown out for good before 1810. The outer stones were removed and used to build the water tower at the Rolling Rock Country Club(s&t). It is now a pile of stone and rubble, overgrown with trees and brush. (P)(V)(rp 1978-rp,ph 2004, rp-2005).
To locate Westmoreland Furnace remains turn south from US30 at the hotel in Laughlintown (at flashing light) 40 12.714'N - 79 111.925'W. Go straight ahead on this road up over the hill (with golf course on right) and down about 1.2 miles to where the road turns right. When the road turns right you will see a gated road straight ahead. Park here. 40 11.912'N - 79 12.507'W. Cross an open meadow toward the lower right corner of the meadow and to the woods. Go into the woods at this point and you will find the ruins of the furnace. Only a pile of stones and rubble about 5 feet high remain. Closer to the creek you will find a mill pond and mill race.
GPS Coordinates at woods edge 40 11.921N - 79 12.606'W (P)(V)(rp,ph 2004).
If you continue on past this furnace and turn across the covered bridge you will come to the reconstructed California Furnace.

Westmoreland Furnace - November 1978

Westmoreland Furnace - Novembber 1978

Westmoreland Furnace - Novembber 1978

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Copyright Richard Parks, January 15 , 2010