Wildcat Furnace, Clarion County, Pennsylvania
aka Franklin Furnace

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Wildcat (aka Franklin) - Is on Wildcat Creek in Madison Township south of Rimersburg Borough. Frick and Lawson built this furnace in 1843. It later was sold to John L. Miller of Pittsburgh and James M. Freeman of Clarion County. A steam powered, cold blast charcoal furnace it had a 7.5' bosh and was 28' high. Production was 1000 tons in 1845 and 1380 tons in 1847. It was blown out in 1857 and abandoned in 1863(hcc/s&t). Only a pile of stones and rubble remain. (P)(V)(rp,ph-2004).
Follow PA68 to Rimersburg. Turn south on PA861 about 1.8 miles. Park opposite a house on the left just before the bridge over Wildcat Run. This is the home of Bill Ramsey. The furnace remains are on his property so seek permission to look at the site. The ruins stand on the west side of the road down the hillside about 30 feet down over the edge of the well maintained meadow opposite the Ramsey home.
GPS Coordinates 41 01.466N - 79 28.850'W. (P)(V)(rrp 2004)
Only a pile of stones and rubble about 15 feet high remain. Slag may be seen in the field across the road and along the creek bank.

Two views of Wildcat Furnace Remains - August 2004

Loose Furnace Stones at Wildcat Furnace site - August 2004

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