Willroy Furnace, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania
aka Willy Roy Furnace

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Wilroy (aka Willis Roy) - Is the most well preserved furnace in Lawrence County, on Slippery Rock Creek in Slippery Rock Township. The furnace was built by John Carlysle Stewart and Foltz about 1854. It was named after two of Mr. Foltz' sons. It was sold to Smith and Collins, who in turn leased it to Martin Wilson. In 1877 it had been out of blast for years. It was built of cut stone and has three triangular openings. There are at least three setbacks. It is possible to go into the stack and look up through the bosh. The stone lining is shiny due to the stone melting from the heat(s&t/yv). (P)(V)(rp-1978, rp,ph-2004).
Turn west on US422 and go about 0.9 mile to a blacktop road on the right (old 422). Follow this road around to the entrance to a campground on the left, about 0.1 mile. 40 58.250'N - 80 10.767'W. This is the Wilroy Furnace Campground. Call ahead to Phil or Irene Skeleski, 724-363-3766 to seek permission to cross the campgrounds. Go to the right down to the edge of the campground and the hillside down to the creek and you will see the furnace about 40 feet below. GPS coordinates 40 58.240'N - 80 10.832'W. (rrp,ph 2004). A path takes you down to the furnace base.
Resist the temptation to go to the barricaded bridge over Slippery Rock Creek and walk south downstream to the furnace. The area is posted "No Trespassing" and the owner is very serious.

Willroy Furnace 1979

Willroy Furnace opening
Michael Hom, 2004

Willroy Furnace Bosh Interior, 2004

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Copyright Richard Parks, December 27, 2009