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Atlanta Birmingham and Coast Railroad

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The Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic Railway, later known as the Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast Railroad, was organized in 1926. The Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast Railroad was controlled by the Atlantic Coast Line, which owned a majority of its rolling stock. In 1946, the Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast Railroad was bought by the ACL AB&C
Atlanta Birmingham
and Coast
Feb. 12, 1939
Company and the Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast Railroad became the Atlantic Coast Line Western Division. The railroad was nicknamed the ABC.(wik)
The Chicago-Florida trains on the AB&C
In 1940 four competing Chicago railroads ran trains to Florida cities. They were the C&EI, Pennsylvania, IC and Big Four(NYC). In April of 1940 the AB&C had the honor to carry the Dixieland, later the Dixie Flagler, the Florida bound train originated over the C&EI, passed along to the L&N for the run from Evansville to Atlanta, where the AB&C took over for the ride to Waycross, Georgia. Here it turned the Dixieland over to the ACL. At Jacksonville the train was split, with portions continuing on the ACL to St. Petersburg, Tampa and Sarasota, while the Florida East Coast took a portion to Miami. So the Dixieland operated on 5 railroads on it's Chicago to Florida journey, the C&EI, L&N, AB&C, ACL and FEC. No other Chicago trains had this many host railroads. The Dixieland was the fastest to Miam. Later in 1940 the train was renewed as a lightweight streamliner called the Dixie Flagler. It ran every third day,
with competing roads running trains the other two days, all with new lightweight trains. The Flagler was headed by streamlined 4-6-2 Pacific steam locomotives on all of it's carriers.(rp)
Short History of the Atlanta Birmingham and Coast Railroad
1887 - Waycross Air Line Railway chartered>
1891 - Tifton and Northeastern Railroad chartered.
1896 - T&NE built 25 miles from Tifton to Fitzgerald, GA.
1897 - Tifton Thomasville and Gulf Railway chartered.
1899 - Offerman and Western Railroad chartered.
1900 - TT&G operates from Tifton to Thomasville, GA.
1900 - Ocilla and Irwinville Railroad began operating a 10 mile line between Ocilla and Irwinville, GA.
1900 - O&W has 35 mile line from Offerman and Nicholls.
1900 - Brunswick and Birmingham Railway chartered.
1901 - Waycross Air Line charter amended to extend line to Birmingham and name changed to Atlantic and Birmingham Railroad (A&B).
1902-03 - B&B builds from Brunswick, GA to Offerman, GA.
1902 - B&B purchases Offerman and Western Railroad.
1903 - A&B merges with Tifton and Northeastern Railroad and the Tifton Thomasville and Gulf Railway to become the Atlantic and Birmingham Railway.
1903 - B&B purchases Ocilla and Irwinville Railroad.
1904 - B&B, in financial trouble, purchased by Atlantic and Birmingham Railway
1905-06 - Atlanta Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad purchases A&B and is organized to build a 260 mile extension from it's terminus at Montezuma to Birmingham, AL and a 77 mile branch from Warm Springs (later from Manchester) to Atlanta.
1906-08 - Construction completed to Birmingham, a portion of the line was on the unfinished Macon and Birmingham Railway right of way.
1907 - First reference to Alabama Terminal Railroad. No details. Later absorbed by Atlanta Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad.
1909 - AB&A nicknamed the "Bee Line" because of it's direct route from Birmingham and the Atlantic Coast, or because of the "B" in it's initials.
1909 - AB&A into receivership.
1915 - AB&A emerges from bancruptcy as the Atlanta Birmingham and Atlantic Railway.
1916-17 - Branch from Ocila to Crystal Lake abandoned.
1922 - AB&A in foreclosure again.
1923 - AB&A reported to have 81 locomotives, 50 passenger cars, and 2700 freight cars.
1926 - Atlantic Coast Line controls the AB&A and re-incorporates it as the Atlanta Birmingham and Coast Railroad. AB&C maintains it's separate identity.
1947 - ACL buys AB&C and it becomes the ACL Western Division.
1967 - ACL and Seaboard Air Line merged as Seaboard Coast Line.
1980-87 - CSX System develops from mergers of Chessie System (C&O and B&O) and the Seaboard Systems (SCL, L&N etc.).

Atlanta Birmingham and Coast 1944 map

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