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The Parks Family Genealogy webpages have been been established on the Rootsweb Worldconnect Project. We show below a list of surnames in the Parks branches of the file as a starting point. If you are interested in any of these surnames we recommend you go to Worldconnect and tune in. You can find this file at:

Richard R. Parks' Genealogy File

In addition our Worldconnect site includes many links to other branches including many cousins and other relatives. We can provide additional information on request to Richard Parks at ..

Parks Family Surname List The following surnames are included in our branches of our genealogy file.
Altpeter, Am Ende, Armstrong, Bancroft, Battenfield, Bottenfield, Burnhardt, Button, Christiansen, Costello, Craft, Crawford Dasher, Daugherty, Davis, Dui, Dunlap, Elkins, Fluck, Fluke, Frerking, Gilleland, Guest, Handschuck, Heilbronn, Herbold, Hom, Hoover, Huber, Hunter, Jensen, Keller, Kellmann, Kern, Lilburne, Livingston, Looney, Maerz, Manuel, Merritt, Morrison, Newland, O'Brien, O'Carroll, Parks, Pauster, Petzinna, Piper, Potschatki, Quinty, Rohan, Ruck, Sarazin, Schaka, Schneider, Seifert, Seiffert, Stobridge, Stowbridge, Strobridge, Strawbridge, Strub, Thompson, Waldvogel, Wells.

Many other surnames are in our files leading to other genealogy contacts, cousins, etc. Some of the surnames in this category are:
Abels, Arter, Bishop, Brown, Combs, Dell, Elliott, Fink, Foster, Golden, Griffin, Hecathorn, Hemminger, Iams, Lucas, Miller, Moore, Morehead, Park, Pryor, Rininger, Ritchey, Ruth, Sierks, Smith, Snider, Snyder, Starr, Steele, Stewart, Van Meter, Warren, Weimer, Weimert, Wiley, Williams.

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