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in Southwestern Pennsylvania had one furnace, no trace. It was known variously as Mary Ann Furnace, Clarksville Furnace, Robinson's Furnace and Greene Iron Works.

Mary Ann, (AKA Clarksville, Robinson's, Greene Iron Works) - was on Ten Mile Creek in Clarksville, Morgan Township. The earliest reference to it is 1794 as a " forge and furnace." The Henry Heaton family originally owned the land and operated the furnace and it was next known as Greene Iron Works, Henry Heaton owning one sixth along with with Jesse Bowell, Ephraim Coleman and forgemen Lock West, James Young and Henry Gillock. It was sold to James Robinson in 1805. A small town was actually laid out on these two acres with 6 house lots laid out to the southwest of " main street .(ljd) Another refeerence, Swank's "Iron Making in Pennsylvania" says the furnace was built before 1800 by James Robinson. The establishment was abandoned before 1820, Another source says it was out of blast in 1810. The stack was visible for some time after 1840. James Robinson is listed in an old atlas of Greene County as the owner of the land upon which the furnace was supposedly built. Apparently there was a furnace at this location. S&T believed that James Robinson, as owner the land, was the most logical man to build it. butthe above source would tend to confirm earlier builders. Because of the grading and filling for the embankment of the old Monongahela Railroad all traces are gone(s&t).
Follow US40 east from Washington about 15 miles to Beallsville. Turn right at the light and follow the markers to Clarksville (SR2041 in Washington County). Cross the creek, go through town, cross the creek again. At the second crossing you will see a railroad bridge to the left (1960's). As accurately as could be determined the furnace stood against the hillside directly under the railroad embankment. Because of the grading and filling for the embankment of the old Monongahela Railroad all traces are gone(s&t)
Approximaate coordinates 39 58' 17"N - 80 2' 48"W.

Map showing Greene Iron Works (ljd)

Site of Mary Ann Furnace
Under railroad bridge in background (ljd)

The 2009 picture above shows the area of the Iron Furnace and town of Greene Iron Works, looking more or less southeast, the tracks and trestle are behind the trees in the background. The old 1800's original road to Dry Tavern wound up the hill from this point. The oldest residents recall that this area above was known as Furnace Hill.
Greene County Special Sources:
Sharp & Thomas (s&t) Guide to Western Pa. Iron Furnaces, 1966 WPHS (s&t)
http://tenmilecreekcountry.blogspot.com/2008/12/clarksville-on-bridges-and-iron-furnace.html# courtesy Larry J. Dundines (ljd)

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