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The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad was a railroad that operated in the northeast United States from 1872 to 1969. Commonly referred to as the New Haven, the railroad served the states of Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Its primary connections included Boston and New York (wik).
During it's formative years, from the 1830's up to 1929 the New Haven absorbed most all of the railroads in southern New England to create a massive short haul system which eventually fell of it's own weight due to improved highway systems, the auto and truck competition and near duplication of unprofitable branch lines.
During the 30's and 40's the New Haven linked with the Pennsylvania to carry Pullman sleepers from Chicago through to Boston (rp).
Short History of the New York New Haven and Hartford Railroad
1834-35 - Boston and Providence Railroad opened. Later part of Old Colony System.
1837 - New York Providence and Boston opened from New London to Providence.
1839 - The first line of the original system to open was the Hartford and New Haven Railroad, opened from Hartford to New Haven, with steamship connections to New York.
1844 - Line to Springfield, with rail connections to Worcester and Boston.
1845 - Original main line of Boston and Providence utilized.

New Haven
New York
New Haven
and Hartford
July 18, 1943
1848 - The New York and New Haven running parallel to the Long Island Sound coast, requiring many bridges over rivers, opened, using trackage rights over the New York and Harlem Railroad (later part of the New York Central Railroad system) from Woodlawn south to New York.
1849 - Predecessors to New York and New England begin construction across Central Connecticut to connect Hudson River with Boston and Providence.
1866-73 - Harlem River and Port Chester Railroad built and leased to NH providing entry to the Bronx.
1872 - The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad was formed 24 July through the consolidation of the New York and New Haven Railroad and Hartford and New Haven Railroad. It owned a main line from New York City to Springfield, Massachusetts via New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut, and leased other lines, including the Shore Line Railway to New London. The New Haven went on to lease more lines and systems, eventually forming a virtual monopoly in New England south of the Boston and Albany Railroad.
1888 - NH leases Boston and Providence.
1892-3 - New York Providence and Boston merged with NH.
1893 - Old Colony System leased by NH.(southeastern Mass.)
1898 - New York and New England leased by NH.
1903-1929 - J.P.Morgan gains control and with Charles Mellon achieves monopoly of many railroads, steamship and trolley lines in Southern New England. Electrification completed from New York to New Haven.
1912 - Grand Central Terminal served as the New Haven's New York City terminal.
1916 - New York Connecting RR and Hell Gate Bridge give NH new main line into NYC to Penn Station and the Harlem tunnels.
1935-1947 - New Haven in bankruptcy due to overextension.
Olc Colony
Old Colony - 1888
1935 - In June the New Haven placed in service the "Comet" a three car double ended articulated streamlined train in operation between Boston and Providence. The train was built by Goodyear-Zeppelin Corp. of Akron, Ohio. Two 60hp Westinghouse diesel engines were placed one on each end. This design was never repeated.
1941 - Alco DL109 diesel-electric passenger locomotives appear on New Haven.
1945 - 15 Alco DL109's delivered. New Haven becomes primary user of the DL109.
1951 - Freight and passenger service losing money due to short haul costs, deferred maintenance and excessive duplication of branches.
post 1954 - Interstates draw traffic away from New Haven, and railroad is not competitive,
1955 - Heavy hurricane damage.
1959 - Passenger service discontinued on Old Colony Line in southeastern Massachusetts.
1961 - New Haven back in bankruptcy.
1969 - ICC forces merger of New Haven with Penn Central.
1970's - New Haven corporate entity maintained through this decade during court arguments re Penn Central payments.
1976 - Penn Central goes bankrupt. Substantial portions of New Haven main line go to Amtrak.
1980 - American Financial Enterprises, Inc. takes over New Haven, ending 108 years of New Haven Corporation.
2008 - Amtrak Acela high speed commuter rail service uses the old New Haven main line from Boston to New York.

Rio Grande Map 1947
New York New Haven and Hartford Railroad Timetable Map, July 18, 1943

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