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December 14, 1938
>The railroad index below shows our group location of a particular 1930-1940 passenger railroad listing. It also shows, in a general way, the 2008 ownership of surviving lines of the railroad. In many cases portions of these old roads have been abandoned, sold to short lines, shared in ownership or utilized by urban transit services. Since the web site is continually growing and including new railroads from time to time, not all railroads will be linked back to a web page devoted to that railroad. They will appear as the work continues. If you find a blue or red link in the index you may jump directly to that railroad if you wish. Happy hunting!

Railroad - 1930-1940Location 2008
Ahnapee and WesternMidwestCN partial
Akron Canton & YoungstownEastW&LE
Alabama Tennessee & NorthernSouthBNSF/aban
Alanty & NorthernSoutheastaandoned
Algoma Central & Hudson BayAlaska/CanadaAC (CN)
Alton ChicagoCN/UP/KCS
Ann ArborMidwestGLC/AAA/p
Appalachicola NorthernSoutheastAN(Gen.& Wy)
Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri SouthAL&M(Gen.& Wy)
Ashley Drew & NorthernSouthabandoned
Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe (Santa Fe) Chicago BNSF
Atlanta & Saint Andrews BaySoutheastBay Line(G&W)
Atlanta & West PointSoutheastCSX
Atlanta Birmingham and Coast Chi. Conn.CSX
Atlantic and Yadkin SoutheastNS
Atlantic Coast Line Chi. Conn.CSX
Baltimore and EasternEasternNS
Baltimore & Ohio ChicagoCSX
Baltimore & Ohio Chicago TerminalChicagoCSX
Bangor & AroostookEastshort lines
BC Rail (1984)Alaska/CanadaCN (most)
Bessemer and Lake ErieEastCN
Big Fork & International FallsMidwestBN
Boston and Albany Chi.Conn.CSX
Boston & MaineEastPanAm-most aband
British Columbia ElectricAlaska/Canadaaandoned)
British Columbia (1972)Alaska/CanadaCN (most)
Buffalo & SusquehannaEastCSX
Buffalo Rochester & PittsburghEastCSX
Canadian National Chi.Conn.CN
Canadian Pacific Chi.Conn.CP
Carolina & NorthwesternSoutheastabandoned
Carson & Colorado (1904)Westernabandoned
Cedar Rapids & Iowa CityMidwestCR&IC
Central of Georgia Chi.Conn.NS
Central Railroad of New Jersey (Jersey Central)Eastaband/transit
Central VermontEastNEC/much aband.
Charleston & Western CarolinaSoutheastCSX
Chesapeake and Ohio ChicagoCSX
Chicago & Alton ChicagoCN/UP/KCS
Chicago and Eastern Illinois ChicagoUP/CSX
Chicago & Erie Chi (Erie) aabandoned
Chicago and Illinois MidlandMidwestIllinois Midland
Chicago and North Western ChicagoUP
Chicago and Western Indiana ChicagoUP/NS
Chicago Aurora and Elgin Chicagoabandoned
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (Burlington Route) ChicagoBNSF
Chicago Great Western ChicagoUP
Chicago Indianapolis and Louisville (Monon) ChicagoCSX
Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific (Milwaukee Road) ChicagoCP
Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee (North Shore Line) Chicagoabandoned
Chicago Rapid Transit Railway (The EL) ChicagoCTA
Chicago Rock Island and Pacific (Rock Island) Chicagoaband/short/UP
Chicago St. Paul Minneapolis and Omaha Chi CoonUP
Chicago South Shore and South Bend (South Shore Line) ChicagoNICTD/CSSSB
Chicago Springfield & St. LouisMidwestabandoned
Cincinnati & Lake ErieEastabandoned
Cleveland Cincinnati Chicago& St. Louis (Big Four)ChicagoCSX
Clinton Davenport & MuscatineMidwestabandoned-electric
Columbus & GreenvilleSouthGenessee & Wyom.
Copper RangeMidwestabandoned
Copper River & Northwestern>/a>Alaska/Canadaabamdoned
Cotton Belt (St. Louis SouthWestern))SouthwestUP
Dayton & WesternEastaabandoned e
Delaware & HudsonEastCP
Delaware Lackawanna and Western (Lackawanna)Chi.Conn.NJT/NS
Denver & Rio Grande WesternChi.Conn.UP
Denver & Salt Lake WestUP
Des Moines & Central IowaMidwestabandoned-electric
Detroit and MackinacMidwestLake St. Ry
Detroit Toledo & IrontonEastCN(p)short(p)
Dominion AtlanticAlaska/CanadaIR;W&H(part)
Duluth & Iron RangeMidwestCN
Duluth Missabe & Iron Range (1938)MidwestCN
Duluth Missabe & NorthernMidwestCN
Duluth South Shore and AtlanticChi. Conn.CN
Durham & SouthernSoutheastCSX
East Tennessee & Western North CarolinaSouthETRY/p aband
Erie ChicagoNJT/NS/short
Escanaba & Lake SuperiorMidwestE&LS -expanded
Esquimalt and NanaimoAlcanSRofVI
Flint River & NortheasternSoutheastaandoned
Florida East Coast Chi.Conn.FEC
Fonda Johnstown & GloversvilleEasternabandoned
Fordyce & Princetoni SouthF&P(Gen.& Wy)
Fort Dodge Des Moines & SouthernMidwestshort line-partial
Fort Smith & WesternSouthwestaabandoned
Frisco Lines Chi.Conn.KCS
Georgia & FloridaSoutheastNS
Georgia Ashburn Sylvester & CamillaSoutheastaandoned
Georgia NorthernSoutheastmost aand/NS
Georgia Southwestern & GulfSoutheastaandoned
Grand RiverAlaska/Canadamost aband.
Grand Trunk Western ChicagoCN
Graysonia Nashville & AshdownSouthKCS
Great Northern Chi. Conn.BNSF
Green Bay and WesternMidwestCN partial
Gulf Mobile & NorthernSouthCN
Gulf Mobile & Ohio (1940)SouthCN
High Point Thomasville & DentonSoutheastCSX/NS
Huntingdon & Broad Top MountainEastern abandoned
Illinois Central ChicagoCN/KCS
Illinois Terminal (1937) MidwestNS
Illinois Traction SystemMidwestNS
Jacksonville & HavaanaMidwestabandoned
Jersey Central Railroad (Central Railroad of New Jersey)Eastaband/transit
Kansas City Southern Southwest KCS
Kansas Oklahoma & GulfSouthwestmost aband.
Kewaunee Green Bay and WesternMidwestCN partial
Lackawanna (Delaware Lackawanna and Western)Chi.Conn.NJT/NS
Lake Erie & NorthernAlaska/Canadamost aband.
Lake Superior & Ishpeming Midwest LS&I-much aband.
Laramie North Park & WesternWestUP
Lehigh & Hudson RiverEastNS
Lehigh & New EnglandEastMostly abandoned
Lehigh Valley Chi.Conn.CSX(p)
Linville RiverSouthabandoned
Litchfield & MadisonMidwestUP
Live Oak Perry & GulfSoutheastLOP&G(G&F)
Lomg IslandEastMTA-LIRR
Louisiana & ArkansasSouthKCS
Louisiana and North WestSoutyhernPatriot Rail
Louisville and Nashville Chi.Conn.CSX
Maine CentralEastPanAm(most aband)
Manistee & North EasternMidwest CSX
Manistique & Lake SuperiorMidwestabandoned
Maryland and PennsylvaniaEastmost abandon/G&W
METRA (Chicago - 2009)ChicagoMETRA
Michigan Central ChicagoNS
Midland ValleySouthwestUP(mostaband)
Milwaukee Electric (TMRR&L)Midwestabandoned electric
Mineral RangeChi. Conn.CN
Minneapolis & St,. LouisMidwestUP
Minneapolis Northfield & SouthernMidwestCP
Minneapolis St.Paul & Sault Ste. Marie (Soo Line) ChicagoCP
Minnesota & InternationalMidwestBN
Minnesota Western (LuceLine)Midwestabandoned-electric
Mississippi CentralSouthCN
Missouri & ArkansasSouthwestES&NA(t/p)
Missouri & North ArkansasSouthwestES&NA(t/p)
Missouri IllinoisMidwestUP
Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT)SouthwestUP(partial)
Missouri Pacific Chi.Conn.UP
Mobile & OhioSouthCNp/ KCSp
Montreal & Southern CountiesAlaska/Canadaabandoned
Nashville Chattanooga and St. Louis Chi.Conn.CSX
National Railways of MexicoSouthwestpart=KCS
Nevada & California (SP)Westernmost aband/SP
Nevada NorthernWestshort tour.NN
New York & Long BranchEastNJT
New York Central ChicagoCSX/NS(p)
New York Chicago and St. Louis (Nickel Plate) ChicagoNS
New York New Haven and Hartford Chi. Conn.Amtrak/short
New York Ontario & WesternEastabandoned
Mew York Pennsylvania & Northern Ohio (Nypano) Chi (Erie)aabandoned
New York Susquehanna & WesternEastNYS&W
Nickel Plate (NYC&SL) ChicagoNS
Norfolk Southern (old)SoutheastNS
Norfolk and Western Chi.Conn.NS
Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad (METRA)ChicagoMETRA
Northern AlbertaAlaska/CanadaCN/ab/short
Northern IndianaMidwestabandoned-electric
Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD)ChicagoNICTD
Northern OhioEastW&LE
Northern Pacific Chi.Conn.BNSF
Northwestern PacificWestUP
Nypano Chi (Erie)abandoned
Oklahoma City Ada AtokaSouthwestmost aband.
Ontario NorthlandAlaska/CanadaON
Oregon ElectricWestBN/part
Pacific Great EasternAlaska/CanadaCN (most)
Pennsylvania ChicagoNS/CSX(p)
Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines EastPATCO/NJDot++
Pere Marquette ChicagoCSX
Piedmont & NorthernSoutheastCSX
Pittsburg & ShawmutEastBuf&Pit/G&W
Pittsburg Shawmut & NorthernEastabandoned
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Chi. Conn.NS
Pittsburgh & West VirginiaEastW&LE
Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago & St. Louis (Pennsy) ChicagoNS/CSX(p)
Pittsburgh Fort Wayne & Chicago (Pennsy) ChicagoNS/CSX(p)
Quanah Acme & PacificSouthwestabandoned
Quebec CentralAlaska/Canadaabandoned
ReadingEastMost abandoned
Richmond Fredericksburg & PotomacSoutheastCSX
Rio Grande SouthernWestabandoned
RutlandEastp to Vt.State RR
Sacramento NorthernWestUP most aband
St. Johnsbury & Lake ChamplainEasternabandoned
St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County (1948)Easternabandoned
St. Joseph & Grand IslandMidwestUP
St.Louis-San Francisco (Frisco) Chi.Conn.KCS
St. Louis SouthWestern (Cotton Belt)SouthwestUP
Salt Lake & UtahWestUP part aband
San Diego & Arizona EasternChi. Conn.
Seaboard Air Line (Seaboard)Chi.Conn.CSX
Soo Line (Minneapolis St.Paul & Sault Ste. Marie) ChicagoCP
Southern Chi.Conn.NS
Southern PacificChi.Conn.UP
Spokane InternationalWestUP
Spokane Portland & SeattleChi.Conn.BNSF
Temiskaming & Northern OntarioAlaska/CanadaOnt.Nor.
Tennessee Alabama & GeorgiaSouthmost aband
Tennessee CentralSouthCSX/KCS/NS
Texas & PacificSouthwestUP
Texas ElectricSouthwestabandoned-electric
Texas MexicanSouthwestKCS
The Milwaukee Electric Railway & LightMidwestabandoned electric
Toledo Peoria & WesternMidwestTP&W (new)
Tonopah and GoldfiekdWesternAbandoned
Tonopah and TidewaterWesternAbandoned
Toronto Hamilton & BuffaloAlaska/CanadaCP
Union PacificChi.Conn.UP
Utah Idaho CentralWestabandoned
Utah Rapid TransitWestabandoned
Virginia & TruckeyWestmost aband/tour
Wabash ChicagoNS
Washington & Old DominionSoutheastabandoned
Waterloo Cedar Falls & NorthernMidwestCN
Western MarylandEastCSX
Western PacificChi,Conn.UP
Western Railway of AlabamaSoutheastCSX
Wheeling & Lake ErieEastW&LE
White Pass & YukonAlaska/CanadaWP&U
Wichita Falls & SouthernSouthwest tabandoned
WinonaMidwestabandoned el
Winston Salem SouthboundSoutheastCSX/NS
Wiscomsin Central ChicagoCP
Yosemite ValleyWestabandoned

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